Sunday, June 12, 2011

What I've been up to- Part 2-My Lil Organic Garden + DIYing

Dad and I are almost done w/the shade for my outside washer/dryer, needs roof

need to put more cement, this is the first chunk of it

my tomatoes!! I can't wait for them to turn red!

lemon tree, fenced off cuz of the doggies

my first cucumber!

cactus, I'm shocked you just stick these things in the ground and they take off!

maize /corn


roma tomatoes

bell peppers

yikes, forgot what this is haha I want to say lettuce or spinach?

something my dad planted... umm, radish? onion? :P

neighbor's peach tree growing into my yard 

Mac, upset cuz he's not allowed in the veggie garden

not pictured are honeydew plants, watermelon plants, habanero peppers- I couldn't tell which was which!

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