Saturday, April 23, 2011

New GHD Flat Iron + Impulse Buys :)

Yesterday, I spent the day running errands and ended up getting a few odd things for myself lol My coworker told me a package had arrived at work so I drove over and found my beautiful GHD 1" Classic Flat Iron.  I've been wanting this flat iron for a while now but couldn't afford it hehe I received some money back in taxes so I ordered it off Amazon along with an Emjoi Epilator (arriving next week!).

I went to get a hair cut so I used it afterwards and oh em gee! This is the best flat iron I've ever used! This baby is ready in like 15 seconds!  I straightened my hair in about 10 minutes =) 
(sorry I don't have a picture of the box- I swear, it got up and walked out of this house! I can't find it lol so here's a generic google pic)

I went to get some birthday presents and I needed an exercise ball for myself so I went to Ross.  I didn't find it there but I did find other items that I felt compelled to buy for no apparent reason lol then I went into Marshalls and got 2 more items I didn't know I needed in my life  =P

I'll review these products in a few weeks after I try 'em out. How cute is that dog mug? I'm obsessed with dogs lol

(sorry for the grainy pics! iPhone takes horrible pics in bad lighting and I didn't want to bust out the Nikon hehe)

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  1. I love ghd irons, they are really good. I have one in pink :) Great buy :)

    Xoxo Christine