Sunday, May 22, 2011

Product Reviews, Inspired Make-up, FOOD, and Weekend Recap

Whew! It's Sunday night which means tomorrow it's back to the grind! Friday was my day off work so my dad came over and helped me finally get my washer and dryer to work! I was so excited I washed and dried clothes all damn day! Lol! I've been living on my own for about 1 1/2 years w/o a washer n dryer! Yes, the horror.  Anywho, I later went to Whole Foods with my neighbor.  I got a ton of great stuff that I've been meaning to buy for some time like chia seeds, tempeh, acai fruit pulp, carob chips, raisin mochi (win!), buckwheat flour, spelt flour, fruit jam, etc etc! It was a bit of a drive but totally worth it! Friday night, the bf and I stayed in just catching up on DVR.  Saturday morning, we woke up early and went for a jog.  I haven't run in such a long time so I was afraid I'd burn out but I held up okay.  We jogged about 3 miles and I made these delicious puppies when we got back.  Whole wheat blueberry pancakes. Recipe from Eye it. Try it.

We spent the rest of the day just kinda hanging out, I made frozen yogurt cups with some items I had purchased from Whole Foods.  

I really, really loved these!! Organic sour cream, organic yogurt, sugar, frozen berries and viola!

Today, Mario woke up super sickie! Boo! I took one of my dogs (can't take both-madness) for a quick jog.  My legs felt tired from Saturday nights workout ! It was kill-ahh!!

I had a protein shake w/spinach for breakfast and went off to Target for a few things I needed.  I had purchased some yams Saturday morning so I decided to try making whole wheat yam bread. This the result. 

The online recipe didn't say how long to bake it so I had it in the oven at 325F for about 35 min and was heartbroken to see that the very top middle section didn't cook all the way through! Oh well, practice makes perfect.

Took care of the boyfriend all day, makin' teas and giving him meds.  He's still not better! We've established it's definitely allergies which neither he or I have ever experienced before.  He's now taking the right meds and hopefully he feels better soon. 

I saw this picture of Gwen Stefani last night and was immediately inspired to try out this look.  

I whipped out my MAKE UP FOR EVER stash and went to work! Haha, not entirely happy w/it but I do like the look.

Eww, foundation lookin' light! I must be transitioning in my summer skin tone hahah time for tinted moisturizers

Jesus, can I get to the review?! Ok, here are the 2 items I've been using for the past several weeks.  I'm in love, seriously.  These babies make my hair feel so smooth and soft.  Aside from these I've tried the CHI Silk Infusion serum which is the best hair serum ever!  I've also used CHI Keratin Mist-eh, not a big winner but still a great product.  

back of conditioner label- purchased both at my local TJ Maxx! The shampoo was $7.99 and conditioner was $12.99-steal!

Also from TJ Maxx, I purchased these 2 Garnier products-eye cream and overnight cream
Meh.  The product is quite thick and I personally don't like thick creams under my eyes.  I prefer light weight creams or serums.  I wouldn't purchase this again, forgot how much it was though.  I want to say about 5 dollars.   
Winner.  This product left my skin feeling silky, soft and moisturized.  The only down side is that the container is very small.  I believe it was 6 or 7 dollars for 1.7oz.  I'm debating whether I'd purchase it again.  

bottom is Skin Renew and top whitish one is the eye cream

Now, we're both sipping on tea getting ready for bed. 

Have a great week, everyone! 

I didn't get around to recording a video but I'm going to try n get it up this week.  I'm going to be reviewing more mascaras-yay!


  1. I've never seen yogurt cups before .. they look YUMMY! Pretty healthy as well. Your Gwen makeup is gorgeous. Very talented.

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