Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mini-Getaway to Catalina Island

Friday was my day off work so my brother and I took off to Catalina Island for the day.  We got there at 7am and strolled around before having some coffee and a bagel. 
Apparently, no one is up before 10am =)

aww pet cemetery

decided to hike up Wrigley Terrace Road...ended up above that burgundy house, swinging from the tree on the left hehe

gorgeous view

that swing was quite uncomfortable haha

i wish that were me!

took off around 4pm and we were back to Long Beach by 5pm

Sat & Sun: didn't do much, was in a blah mood...managed a trip to Trader Joe's, got my mom some flowers and workout gear for Mother's Day, and survived another  Jillian Michaels workout :)


  1. looks so pretty! I've never been there! Thanks for you comment in my latestblog! You are going to looove Yosemite! I went there 2 years ago...Amazing! =)

  2. sigh... how i wish i was there!!